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The common cold is a typical infection of the upper respiratory tract, caused by various viruses, with very uncomfortable symptoms, persistent cough, runny nose, fever (not so common), sore throat, and so on. This is due to the change of climate and the different outbreaks that occur typically of the time. Here are some home remedies for the cold so that you can ease the symptoms of the cold easily and at home, remember to take care of yourself at this time of year.

The Cold

A woman with the cold wrapped in blanket and using a tissue for her nose

We get colds because the temperature change creates an environment in which it is easy for viruses and bacteria to reproduce. Also, our defenses tend to drop, and rainy weather doesn’t help us feel better. However, some ingredients of nature can help us alleviate the uncomfortable sensations that colds cause us. Take note of these recipes and enjoy the best home remedies for a cold.

The 11 Home Remedies for the Cold

Several cold remedies on a wooden table

1 Hot Lemonade – Hot lemonade is one of the best home remedies for the cold. Remember to sweeten with honey and add the lemon juice after the honey and water are well mixed to take better advantage of it. Do not bring the lemon to a boil, as it will taste quite bitter. You can enjoy it with some mint leaves.

2 Onion – Onion is a great remedy, which helps to remove mucus, kill germs and breathe better. In addition to including it in dishes, a very simple and effective way to use it is to cut an onion in half and leave it next to the bed of the person with a cold overnight. The essential oils of the onion pass into the air and perform an expectorant and antiseptic action.

3 A Nasal Wash with Salt Water – When there is snot, a good nasal wash with a spray of salt water is an effective way to prevent those snot from advancing and catching in our airways. Pouring salt water up your nose, although it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, has a dragging power that will make your nasal passage feel clear and help your breathing.

4 Broths – One of the most convenient ways to incorporate the aforementioned foods is also through a broth, which we can drink throughout the day and which will exert its effect and comfort us, as well as being a way to stay hydrated.

Another way to use it is to take it in an infusion. With a little honey, it is not unpleasant to taste, and it greatly relieves throat discomfort. It can be sipped throughout the day.

5 Infusion of Yarrow – The Yarrow has sweat qualities, which is why it is widely used to lower fever and control body temperature in viral processes. Besides, it serves as a relaxant and stimulates the immune system.

6 Ginger – Another must-have in the anti-cold pantry. In addition to warming the body and comforting it, Ginger is one of the most effective remedies to relieve coughs, expel mucus and fight infection. There is nothing like lemon ginger tea when we have a cold.

7 Clove Infusion – Clove is a powerful natural expectorant, so taking this infusion will help you to release the mucus present in the throat and esophagus. It also helps open your sinuses, enables you to breathe better, and gives you a feeling of calm.

8 Garlic – Like the onion, this treasure of nature not only has very powerful antiseptic properties but it is also a great ally of the respiratory system and lungs since it promotes fluidization and expulsion of mucus. Besides, garlic strengthens the immune system.

9 Peppermint Infusion – You probably already knew that peppermint has menthol, which is why it is commonly used to treat sore throats and eliminate annoying coughs. Also, it is a vasodilator, which means that it helps decongest the sinuses so you can breathe better, so it is widely used in.

10 Foods Rich in Vitamin CThis vitamin has a known and truly fabulous immune-stimulating function. Although, it should be taken into account that it is very labile. That is, it easily disappears from food by contact with oxygen, heat, or light. When you eat food rich in vitamin C, it is better not to cook them too much so that they do not lose their powerful function that disappears very easily.

11 Licorice Infusion – Licorice infusion is one of the best you can take as this ingredient has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. If you take this infusion, it will help you lubricate the irritated and inflamed respiratory tract, and it will help reduce a sore throat. It will fight dry coughs, bronchitis, or asthma.

It is also worth taking into account other measures, such as avoiding being in close confinement with someone who has the cold, washing your hands well, and, of course, leaving aside everything that hinders the proper functioning of the immune system, such as excess sugar, refined fats, dairy, gluten, and, in general, ultra-processed food.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are different home remedies for the cold. Do not forget that if the symptoms worsen, it is time to make an appointment with a specialist doctor to verify that everything is fine. It never hurts to get guidance from a medical expert.