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A cough can be incredibly irritating, but most of the time, it is a harmless sign of a seasonal virus and not something to worry about. That doesn’t make it any easier to put up with, however, and many of us have lain awake wondering how to stop coughing so we can get some sleep. Let’s take a look at some natural solutions for managing the symptoms of a cough. At this point, it is important to say that it is essential that you follow the guidance of your health care practitioner and the local health authority. If you have any underlying health condition, are taking medication, are concerned about your symptoms, or you have symptoms that the local health authority should be notified of, then please contact your healthcare provider. If your cough deteriorates or persists, see your doctor.

How to Stop Coughing Fast

Check out these natural solutions for how to stop coughing, relieve throat discomfort, and promote restful sleep when you have an irritating cough.

  1.       Fresh air

Having an adequate supply of clean, fresh air is important, so it helps to ensure that your home isn’t dusty, ensure the windows are open for a while each day and when possible, get outdoors for a walk in the fresh air. If you find that cold air makes you cough more, then a scarf around your face can help to warm the air before you breathe it in, easing the cough.

A woman breathing in fresh air as a remedy to stop coughing
Humidifier in a room a remedy to help stop coughing
  1.       Humidify

Air that is too dry can cause irritation. When central heating is on – during the colder winter months – we can all experience some irritation caused by the dryness of the air. You can easily add moisture using a humidifier or by simply placing a few containers of water somewhere close to a radiator. This can help replace the moisture in the air. Having good ventilation also helps to keep the air from drying out too much. This can be a crucial consideration when you are trying to work out how to stop coughing when the cough is dry and tickly.

  1.       Allergens

How to stop a cough caused by allergens? It’s a tricky one, but removing allergens is the first step, so make sure you know what is causing the problem, and then remove the dust, pollen, or pet dander that is causing it. An air purifier can be a good tool in helping you to do this, but regular wet dusting and mopping can dramatically reduce allergens

Woman with hoover bag covering face from dust to help stop coughing
Woman sleeping with raised head to help stop coughing
  1.       Raise your Head

Most people find themselves wondering how to stop coughing at night when they have a cold or respiratory infection. Night-time coughs can often be caused by postnasal drip – when mucus drips down the back of the throat and causes irritation. This is not always noticeable but causes a persistent, annoying cough that stops you from sleeping. Raising the head of the bed or sleeping on extra pillows can really help.

  1.       Honey

Honey helps soother and coat the throat and, for many people, feels just as good as a throat lozenge. It is also mildly antiseptic, so a good quality manuka honey can actually help fight against infection. A spoonful of honey on its own can soothe a dry cough, or it can be added to hot drinks. Speaking of hot drinks…

Manuka flower and honey in a pot a remedy to stop coughing
Hot drink with orange and cinnamon in a glass cup a remedy to stop coughing
  1.       Hot Drinks

One of the most effective solutions for how to stop coughing is hot drinks. Sipping hot drinks throughout the day can reduce post nasal drip, ease mucus congestion, and soothe the source of dry coughs; it really is one of the most effective solutions, and it is easy to implement. In order to avoid completely overdoing the caffeine, opt for herbal teas or hot honey and lemon. Milky drinks may increase mucus production, so why not try peppermint or cinnamon tea?

  1.       Ginger

Ginger is warming, soothing, and helps to ease a cough. You can add fresh ginger to tea, stir-fries, or curry, or get hold of some special ginger tea. For a super soothing hot drink, mix lemon, honey, and ginger with hot water and sip it throughout the day. This is one of the most effective ways to stop coughing quickly.

Ginger and ground ginger in a bowl a remedy to stop coughing
Woman in steam room using steam to help stop coughing
  1.       Steam

Steam is excellent when you suffer from a cold or other respiratory infection. It loosens the mucus, opens the airways, and helps you breathe more deeply. When it comes to how to stop a cough, simply sitting in a steamy room or having a hot bath is one of the most simple but effective solutions.

  1.       Saltwater Gargle

If postnasal drip has got you coughing, then a salt water gargle can clear the mucus, reduce inflammation, and help you feel a lot more normal again. Simply add a teaspoon of sea salt to a mug of hot water and gargle it, then spit it out. This is not suitable for children or those who might have trouble gargling.

Cartoon girl using saltwater gargle to stop coughing
Woman inhaling Eucalyptus to help stop coughing
  1.   Eucalyptus Inhalation

Eucalyptus is great for clearing the airways, and it can help you to stop coughing too. You can buy oils, and vapor rubs to help aid your breathing and clear your nose. These can be inhaled over a steamy bowl of hot water or rubbed to the body topically for night time relief. Eucalyptus is a traditional remedy that people have been using for untold years to get relief for common ailments such as colds.

  1.   Nasal Rinsing

You can buy special nasal rinses that clear the nasal passages to stop post nasal drip and stop the coughs that it often causes. Post nasal drip is one of the main culprits of coughing, and it can persist long after the cold has gone or the respiratory infection has been cleared. This can cause sore throat and coughing, but a good nasal rinse may be able to cleanse the sinus and stop the drip.

Cartoon woman using to nasal rinsing to stop coughing
Someone pouring cough medicine onto spoon as remedy to stop coughing
  1.   Cough Medicine

If all else fails, there are cough medicines widely available. However, it is essential you check the active ingredients. Some of these cough solutions are little more than sugar. Others contain medications that will thin the mucus, causing a cough. Others may have anti-inflammatory drugs that will ease the discomfort. Talk to a pharmacist about the type of cough you have; this could make all the difference when you need to work out how to stop coughing fast.